Why It’s Important to Put Your Phone Down Before Sleep

For many of us, getting ready for the night involves putting on pajamas, turning out the lights, getting into bed, and then reaching for the phone. We’re all accountable for it. Hey, as you read this essay, you could even realize that you are doing it. But since you’re already here, take in all of this insightful information before retiring for the night.

We constantly pump information into our brains, so when it’s time to switch it off. We should also do the same with our phones. Let’s examine the reasons why using your phone before bed is bad for your general health. This has been proven by numerous studies.

Your eyes are harmed by blue light.

The hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle, melatonin, is suppressed by the blue light emitted by cell phone screens (aka circadian rhythm). This makes it much more challenging to go to sleep and awaken the next morning. Given that blue light has a short wavelength, it appears that the circadian rhythm is particularly susceptible to it. Studies have also shown that blue light exposure can harm your retinas.

Smartphone owners who use their phones before bedtime may find it hard to disengage their minds and obtain good slumber. It’s well known that not getting enough sleep regularly can have a significant negative impact on both daily life and long-term health outcomes. A number of studies have found that most children and teens are vulnerable to sleep deprivation. Especially when there are screens nearby while they sleep (via NIH).

It may not be as soothing as you think to engage in activities like reading through social media and checking emails after a long day. According to Cleveland Clinic sleep medicine specialist Dr. Michelle Drerup, “Your brain is stimulated when you check your phone. You’re awake and more engaged. A fast examination might keep your mind active and prevent you from falling asleep. ” Additionally, staying up late to browse the internet is a surefire way to get too little sleep, which increases the likelihood that you’ll be less alert and more exhausted the next day.

Increases nighttime awareness.

Let’s say you just read an email containing strong language or saw a Facebook post you didn’t like. Now that you’re revved up, it will be more difficult for you to unwind and sleep. Even if the information is not disturbing, swiping through your phone to keep your mind active can deceive your brain into thinking it needs to stay awake.

Reduces alertness the next morning

You will be more fatigued and less attentive the next day since you chose to stay up late reading emails rather than sleeping. And who wants to be more alert throughout the day and slower? In addition to decreasing your productivity, late-night scrolling might cause a considerable and ongoing lack of sleep.

Lowers the overall REM sleep time.

When you go to bed, if you can, try setting your phone to mute or “do not disturb.” Because text alerts, gaming notifications, or email buzzes can wake you up even when you’re not using your phone.

What should I do before going to bed without my phone? You’re probably asking yourself right now. Not to worry! Here are some suggestions and guidance to assist you in falling asleep without your helpful buddy.

Phone Down Before Sleep


Put away your electronics 30 minutes before bed.

The National Sleep Foundation advises cutting off technology use—including using your phone—at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Instead, pick up the book that has been hidden on your nightstand and begin reading before going to sleep. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to fall asleep and how much better you’ll feel in the morning.

Put your phone in a different room.

You’ll be less likely to check your phone in the middle of the night. If you charge it overnight in the kitchen, bathroom, or even the basement (especially if your basement is particularly eerie). Set it so that it only rings when specific individuals are calling if you’re concerned that you could miss a call in an emergency. But keep it out of bed and out of reach in case you feel tempted.

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