TikTok Now Allows You To Make Money With Paywall Videos

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We first learned that TikTok was preparing a paywall video system. That would let producers charge their audience to see premium content just a few weeks ago. With the release of an official statement, those rumors have now come true. Say hello to Series, a brand-new tool that enables producers to package up to 80 videos and charge a fee for them. With links included in public videos or from a creator’s profile, paywalled videos can be unlocked. According to TikTok, Series “gives audiences another avenue to support creators while also allowing creators to create even better ties with their fans.”

Only a small number of TikTok creators now have access to Series. The social media network will soon accept applications from additional content producers. Even though the videos are behind a paywall, the platform’s content safety policies still apply to them. Even while these purchased video aren’t available to everyone, they still need to follow the same set of content guidelines. The concept behind TikTok is not new. Users of Instagram may already upload content that is accessible only to subscribers, and it is rumored that Twitter is implementing a barrier for videos. TikTok Now Allows You To Make Money With Paywall Videos

For now, the creators can retain all the money

According to TikTok, creators would have the option of setting their own prices for selling their video material. The Verge claims that the cost of a Series can range from $1 to a staggering $190. TechCrunch reports that after deducting payment processing fees and the application store tax, developers will receive their complete portion of the Series earnings. This implies that more than 30% of the Series’ earnings will have to be shared among the creators. Nevertheless, TikTok will also begin taking a cut at some point in the future.

The permitted video duration has been doubled with Series, which is another significant development. Creators who are a part of the Series program may post videos that are up to 20 minutes long. The maximum allowable time limit has been increased from three minutes to ten minutes as of right now. The newest TikTok monetization tool, Series, includes creators in the revenue calculation. TikTok launched Pulse, an ad placement mechanism that ensured creators would receive a portion of ad revenue, last year.

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