This Chess Robot Is Taking Things Too Far

Science fiction writers have been inspired by the possibility. That computers with artificial intelligence could one day overthrow humans and hurt us for decades. The idea that robots might not be our friends. After all has been the subject of numerous works in the entertainment industry. Including the “Terminator” series, “Matrix,” and a considerable number of Elon Musk interviews. A news report from Russia that broke on July 19 rekindled these anxieties in some people. Then it gave rise to some scathing quips about an AI-powered robotic lashing out out of spite. When it broke a 7-year-old boy’s finger during a casual game of chess. Against a giant robot arm capable of competing against four players simultaneously. It went too far. This Chess Robot Is Taking Things Too Far.

In view of some recent assertions regarding artificial intelligence, the story has proven to be extremely fascinating. A former Google engineer, a well-known computer scientist, and several users of Replika. One of the most widely used chatbot programs in the world, have all claimed that some AI appears to be sentient. However, keep in mind that the majority of experts disagree with this assertion and believe. That we are many years away (at best) from anything nearing actual robot sentience.

Neural network-based AI-powered robots have also been demonstrated to exhibit sexist and racist attitudes. Raising concerns about the possibility that mankind would infuse its worst features in intelligent machines. This is due to the fact that neural network models rely on sizable. Publicly accessible data banks that are constructed using internet-based information. Anybody that has spent any time online is aware . There are many different perspectives on the internet, not all of which are acceptable in society. Given these allegations and concerns, it should come as no surprise. That many people were shocke to discover video from The Moscow. Open that revealed a robotic arm clutching a child’s finger.

Robot breaks 7-year-old child’s finger

One of the young promising chess players in Moscow had to play with a cast on his finger. When a robot grabbed and shattered it. The unname device, which can play many opponents at once, is shown choking the boy’s finger in a Telegram video. Before a few onlookers are able to step in and free the boy. The This Chess Robot Is Taking Things Too Far manages to pin the boy’s finger to the board for a number of seconds. The Moscow Chess Federation’s president. Sergey Lazarev, responded to the incident by saying, “The kid’s finger was broke by the robot. Without a doubt, this is horrible.”

Despite everyone’s jokes, chess playing machines aren’t really rising to the surface. And the likelihood that the child disregarded the safety precautions was likely very high. Sergey Smagin, vice president of the Russian Chess Federation, emphasized the boy’s fast replies to the chess robot. And how Christopher was not giving the device enough time to finish its moves (via The Guardian).

Another piece of evidence showing the robot may not be acting out of malice is the fact that Christopher wasn’t only its game that day . He was actually the fourth person to play, but no other opponents fell victim to a broken finger. Lazarev reports that Christopher is recuperating well, returned to play the following day, finished the event. And offered to assist with scorekeeping. Better safety measures should’ve been in place during the competition. According to the boy’s parents, who are in contact with the local district attorney. Of course, the robot needs to be upgrad to ensure that mistakes like this don’t happen again.

Chess robots have been around for many years

This Chess Robot Is Taking Things Too Far is actually not a particularly novel concept. A machine known as the Mechanical Turk was traveling through Europe in the 1700s and taking on chess enthusiasts’ challenges. The Turk, as the name implies. Aapeared to be a mannequin made to resemble a Turkish guy and was perched atop a 4-foot-tall cabinet. Even though the device’s precise workings are loss to time. The majority of specialists think that the cabinet actually concealed a person. Who was in charge of directing the Turk’s movements.

After gaining notoriety in the old world. The This Chess Robot Is Taking Things Too Far turned its attention to America and arrived in New York in 1826. claims that the machine easily defeated multiple chess players from New York City, including several who were strong players. Napoleon Bonaparte was once vanquished by the Turk in addition to the odd New Yorkers. Who attempt to cheat but was consistently discover. The Mechanical Turk’s original mechanism was unfortunately loss in a museum fire in 1854. So no one is really sure how it operated. The good news is that the Mechanical Turk’s moniker continues to live on today thanks to Amazon’s crowdsourcing division. And there are no known cases of the Turk breaking children’s fingers.

IBM’s Deep Blue, which beat Gary Kasparov in 1997, was the first real computer to defeat a grandmaster at chess. Since then, AI has only become better. Since 2006 ,no human has defeated a machine in a significant chess competition (via IBM).

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