In case of an emergency, the Apple Watch SE can monitor your heart rate and call for assistance. It is now available for purchase.

One of the finest times of the year to purchase a smartwatch if you’re searching for a means to better manage and take care of your health is during Amazon’s annual Prime Day and early deals sales event. The Apple Watch SE is now available at a significant discount of $40, for a price of only $230, on the website.

The Apple Watch SE is one of the best models if you’re looking for an affordable option that offers insight into your heart health, need help reducing your stress levels, or want to have a backup plan in case you or a family member falls and needs help. We’ll see a lot of smartwatch and health trackers on sale during Amazon’s Prime Day and early deals (including the Series 7 and Series 3). And we like it best among health monitors.

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Because it offers so many helpful health functions, the Apple Watch SE stands out from the competition. It continuously measures your heart rate and sends out an alert if it goes frighteningly high, worryingly low, or if you have any kind of abnormal heart rhythm—all three of which might save your life. It also automatically logs your steps and exercises (no button pushing necessary). This knowledge may also help you recognize when you are overexerting yourself or wish to better understand what your healthy normal is.

The Apple Watch SE provides guided breathing techniques to help control your stress levels—or just reminds you to take a minute of calm—along with insight into your heart rate spikes. And it also offers automated sleep monitoring to assist provide a holistic picture of your daily activity levels and your nightly recovery.

The Apple Watch SE can monitor your heart rate:A New Feature on the Apple Watch Will Motivate You to Walk More—

The watch is an especially fantastic investment for those who live alone since it may inform emergency personnel and selected contacts if the user has a serious fall. For the emergency call capability to function if you have the GPS device without cell service, you must have your iPhone close by or be connect to Wi-Fi. You may make emergency calls directly from your wrist if you upgrade to a plan that includes cellular data on the watch.

The SE is less expensive than the Series 7 and has more functionality and a bigger screen than the Series 3 edition of the Apple Watch. This wristwatch connects to your phone, much like all other smartwatches, and sends notifications about emails, messages, phone calls, and news updates to your wrist. You may wear it in the shower or the pool since it has the big retina display that is exclusive to the Watch and water resistant up to 50 meters.

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The Apple Watch SE has over 2,500 five-star reviews on Amazon. The SE is better than rival smartwatch and fitness tracker manufacturers, like Samsung and Fitbit, according to some reviews. The fact that the heart rate data the watch gathers is sent to your phone, making it simple to share the information with your doctor “if you believe things aren’t right,” was praised in particular by one reviewer. And a customer with a low heart rate bought it for its monitoring features and to keep an eye on her wellbeing; they stated that she is “extremely delighted with this purchase.”

The features are absurd, according to a reviewer who had owned three Fitbits before switching to the Apple Watch. They also said that the SE is the “greatest apple watch for your money” when compared to other Apple models.

Additionally, if you spend all day in front of a computer, this watch may aid in the development of good habits. “Every day, I log my steps and check my heart rate with my Apple Watch SE. Additionally, it alerts me when it’s time to get up, which is useful for someone like me who works from home and spends a lot of time hooked to a computer “explained senior writer for Health Christina Butan.The Apple Watch SE can monitor your heart rate.The Apple Watch SE can monitor your heart rate.

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All Amazon customers may take advantage of this early Prime Day Apple Watch promotion, but Prime members can have their watch delivered faster with free two-day delivery. If you’re not a member of Prime, you may join up for a free 30-day trial to enjoy fast shipping and exclusive discounts on Prime Day. Keep in mind that the $40 discount is only valid for a short period of time and is applie at checkout. Therefore, act quickly because this offer won’t last long and better health could be just one tracker away.

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