The Ad-Supported Plan on Netflix Might Not Include All Available Shows

Although Netflix continues to be the most widely used video streaming service in the world. It is nevertheless subject to market forces and customer whims. In the roughly ten years that it has been in business, the company has reported its first-ever subscriber decrease. And by the second quarter of 2022, it may have lost as many as 970,000. (via CNN). The streaming behemoth is sure that it already has a viable plan in place to address this. And it has confirmed plans to establish an ad-supported tier with a lower monthly charge. Which has been a long-standing practise in many subscription-based services. Ad-Supported Plan on Netflix Might Not Include All Available Shows.


However, as a recent investigation suggests. Just because you’re seeing advertisements and paying a membership doesn’t mean you’ll have access to everything Netflix has to offer. Ad-supported streaming services are nothing new, and Netflix is, in a sense, the exception. Many streaming services for music and video provide a free tier. And use advertisements to try to make up for their losses. However, in the instance of Netflix, that ad-filled tier might not be completely free. But instead have a much lower monthly subscription rate.

The rollout of this tier before the end of the year appears to be something. That Netflix is very focus on accomplishing. However, the company acknowledges that it is still in its very early phases and is far from ready. It appears that this entails navigating the complicate legal framework of content licencing. And asking studios whether their programming may be aired on this ad-supported tier. Ad-Supported Plan on Netflix Might Not Include All Available Shows

Negotiations with Netflix pave the path for a less expensive plan

The streaming behemoth is reportedly in new talks with major studios including Warner Bros., Universal. And Sony to include their material on this next subscription package, according to The Wall Street Journal. Such discussions were required .When Netflix wanted to allow customers to download shows, as is customary in the entertainment sector.

Of course, the option wasn’t free. And Netflix had to charge an additional 10% to 15% on top of the initial deal. Netflix will undoubtedly adjust the pricing of this tier to account for the additional premium. That studios may charge to allow their episodes to stream with advertisements. This premium might range from 15% to 30%. According to experts who spoke with the WSJ. There are currently no concrete numbers and some murky legal waters around Netflix’s ability to show advertisements as part of existing agreements.

But more importantly, these agreements mean that not all Netflix third-party shows will be available to consumers who subscribe to the ad-supported tier. Because they have agreements with other ad-supported services. Some studios may forbid certain content from being stream with advertisements. With fewer individuals joining up for the less expensive but (perhaps) more restrictive tier. As a result, Netflix may find itself back at square one in terms of membership growth. However, a smaller variety might also be used as a hook to entice customers to upgrade to a complete subscription. It’s too soon to predict how this will pan out, but Netflix will definitely make significant efforts to secure a few prestigious titles for the ad-supported tier.

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