Survey: 58% Said There’s No Way They Would Consider Taking A Commercial SpaceX Flight

Commercial space flight, in which ordinary people can buy their own tickets to space flight, for instance, to a resort in orbit or a mall on the moon. Was once a component of science fiction, largely influenced by the zeitgeist of the 1969 NASA Moon Landing. Since then, billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have invested in commerical businesses like SpaceX. Blue Origin in an effort to make the aforementioned fantasy a reality (though at a pretty steep cost). Taking A Commercial SpaceX Flight

About 58 percent of Americans stated they would not want to travel to space in any capacity. Taking A Commercial SpaceX Flight. Not even to an orbital station that is reasonably close to Earth, in a June 2018 Pew Research survey. And this feeling holds true whether we’re talking about NASA, SpaceX, or Blue Origin. It’s crucial to note that the Pew Research survey referenced earlier breaks down its findings by demographics. Revealing a considerably larger propensity among Millennials (around 63 percent) to wish to travel to space. Than among Gen X (39 percent) or the Boomer generation (29 percent ). According to one interpretation of their data. As people get older, they are less likely to feel physiologically capable of enduring the harsh atmosphere of space.

620 respondents from all around the United States responded to a survey asking if they would be willing to ride a SpaceX rocket like the Falcon 9 into Earth’s orbit. Without precise demographic information, there is a potential for disparity. However, we found that the sentiment doesn’t vary all that much.

It might not be SpaceX, it might just be space

Even while the zeitgeist suggests that space travel is a desirable future destination. It appears from the results of the Pew Research survey that we previously referenced that most people aren’t particularly at ease with the idea. Given that neither of these criteria currently apply to any form of spaceflight. SpaceX’s primary goal is to make commercial spaceflight appealing and affordable. Given the frequency of unsuccessful SpaceX rocket launches making the rounds on social media. We can’t hold the general public responsible for this.

Exactly 57.74 percent, or about 358 out of the 620 survey participants, said they would choose to stay on Earth if given the choice to board a SpaceX journey into the Earth’s orbit. Because the study’s participants were chosen at random. It’s fascinating to contrast its findings with those of a comparable survey conducted by Pew Research a few years earlier. But using considerably broader criteria (and possibly a larger sample size. Meaning it was likely even more reflective of the general population).

Whatever you may think of Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX. He is currently dealing with a unique problem related to his upcoming, though dubious, acquisition of Twitter. SpaceX does provide a lot of equipment to NASA’s vital activities. And Musk is obviously working hard to make the firm successful. The success of the corporation in developing a flawless rocket. However, will ultimately determine whether or not the gamble on civilian spaceflight pays off.

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