Prior to the game’s launch, 10 misfit Pokémon were removed.

Since Satoshi Tajiri first invented Pokémon in 1995, a startling amount of concepts have been created but never release. Pokémon of all varieties have somehow found their way into the a sort of parallel reality, or, if you prefer, an Islands of Misfit Toys. We’re looking at 10 of such “failed” Pokémon today.

Before we continue, I must thank Dr. Lava, a scholar of gaming history and a hunter of misplaced artefacts. The list below was largely produced by the process of his work on Dr. Lava’s Lost Pokémon and Lava Cut Content. He’ll probably keep discovering “new” Pokémon that have been lost, forgotten, or otherwise altered. Check out the best oddities below for the time being.

1 Petilil middle stage

Petilil middle stage

“Petilil and Lilligant were initially design as a 3 evolutionary line,” said lead Pokémon inventor Ken Sugimori in an interview from 2011. Sugimori claim that the Generation 5 (Black and White) families of Pokemon were designed to “mimic” the Gen 1 families. Petilil’s family would seem to resemble the Oddish family, as indicated by Dr. Lava – idea by Briggs!

 2 Monja – pre-evolution of Tangela


This tiny creature was intend to be the first stage of evolution and the most primitive form of the original grass-like noodle beast Tangela. In 2018, the “Demo” version of Pokemon Silver and Gold was leak, revealing this adorable creature in all its beauty.

NOTE: Rachel Briggs made the pixie “recreation” you see here. Dr. Lava and Rachel Briggs have been cooperating to develop a variety of “lost” Pokemon. Her work is represents all throughout this list!

3. Baby Zubat!

Baby Zubat!

With 3-stage changes and developments and the TRUTH behind the strange 1-2-3 decisions made with the very first Pokemon game, it’s time to go REAL. Dr. Lava claimed that certain Pokemon in Generation 1 actually had three stages of evolution, but many of them had to be reduced to two. This information was also revealed in a (translated) Yomiuri interview.

4. Beta Porygon 2

Beta Porygon 2

You’re familiar with Porygon, one of the original 150 digitised . The balloon-like Porygon2 debuted in 1999 with the release of Gold and Silver (as seen in the lower right of this image). The 1997 demo for Gold and Silver that was leaked in 2018 depicted Porygon2’s initial form, which looked more like a lion.

5. Madame – not so far-fetched

Early versions of Pokemon Gold or Silver had an evolution for Farfetch’d. Earlier, I mentioned a Pokemon named MADAME from the 1997 demo. In contrast to what we ultimately witnessed as SirFetch’d during Sword and Shield, this is different. With a sceptre, smash the patriarchy!

6. Jaggu – the shark

Another Gen 1 Pokemon that was left out of the final Kanto collection was Jaggu. This creature resembles a shark in essence but has a large arrow-like protrusion on its snout. Later in the series, Sharpedo had a shark Pokemon, but this older shark creature is odd in a completely different way.

7. Plux, or PURAKKUSU

Pinsir was intende to develop into the Pokemon Purakkusu, often known as PLUX. This was intend to follow Scizor in the Pokedex but was left off. Similar to Jaggu, it would seem that Heracross, a Pokemon that appears to have been create by combining several different elements, receive the head-mount appendage.

8. The other Blastoise

We have a totally new, distinctive form of the third-level Squirtle, according to a collection of Gen 1 Beta files that were release in the early months of 2019. Instead of Blastoise, it would be Squirtle, Wartortle, and… whatever this is. Before vanishing into the untamed unknown, he refused to provide his name.

9. Ditto Evolution: Animon!

The blob that is Ditto is and always has been a blob. Ditto can change into another Pokemon it sees, therefore it makes no sense for it to have an evolution. However, there existed a Ditto evolution known as Animon. Here it is, thanks to Niall Stenson, in animated form.


In the manga Satoshi Tajiri: That Man Who Created Pokemon, the famous weir dragon Crocky first was made public.

Along with Briggs’ work, we also have some artwork from Shenanimation @dbMisadventure, as shown in the segment well above. According to the manga, the Crocky was originally intend for Pokemon Gen 1, but it was never include in the game, save for one extremely bizarre representation.

UPDATE: The Pokemon we see above was the result of today’s brainstorming session. What do you entertain the possibility that Niantic may release these solely for GO (if they had the resources and authorisation)? What if they introduced these strange creatures to the Pokemon realm for the first time? That would be insane, wouldn’t it?

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