New Microsoft Edge feature will squeeze out even more performance on Windows 11

Updated Microsoft Edge functionality might attract Windows 11 users.

A new disk caching function will be included in the most recent version of Microsoft Edge. Which the company claims will significantly improve performance while reducing storage requirements.

Browsers use disk caches to store resources they have fetched from the web. They may be rapidly retrieved later if necessary. The bigger the cache. The more likely it is that the resource will be fetched from the disk rather than the network. Which is frequently faster.

A large cache, however, carries the danger of slowing the machine down more generally. Especially on systems with limited disc space.

Microsoft Edge disk caching

According to Microsoft, the new function would automatically compress disk caches on select devices. Which will ostensibly reduce the amount of disk space required to store the cached content.

According to Microsoft, the contents of these caches are frequently extremely compressible, therefore compression increases the possibility that the requested resource may be obtained from the disk.

The tech giant claimed that in order to guarantee that the compression will be advantageous without impairing performance, the new function will only be automatically applied to devices that pass its eligibility checks.

The function will be available in Microsoft Edge 102. Which is about to be released to customers and comes with a variety of improvements and new features.

Although Google Chrome has long been the more popular browser, Microsoft Edge’s user base has been growing, at least in some areas.

Microsoft Edge surpassed Google Chrome’s 33.01 percent market share in a study by TechRadar Pro and Perimeter 81. The Microsoft Edge is now the favorite web browser of 37.77 percent of enterprises.

The Microsoft has consistently been active when it comes to adding new functionality to the browser.

These consist of “new synergies” with the remainder of its product line. Which it claims will make it easier for users to transition between windows while carrying out tasks.

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