Microsoft 365 users have a new reason to choose Edge over Google Chrome

Microsoft 365 users have a new reason to choose Edge over Google Chrome

Microsoft is getting ready to release an update for the Edge web browser. That will aid in creating new synergies between its various product lines.

Users of the productivity suite will soon benefit from the option to access. Both their Outlook email inbox and Office documents via a dedicated sidebar within Edge. According to new entries(opens in new tab) in the Microsoft 365 product roadmap.

The update, which is scheduled to go live next month. It is intended to reduce the amount of time that workers must constantly jump between windows to complete tasks by housing all necessary tools inside the browser.

Microsoft Edge: the browser for business?

The most recent statistics(opens in new tab) reveal that. After a brief period of fast growth following its relaunch back in 2020. Microsoft Edge still trails Chrome and Safari, both of which have a far larger market share.

Microsoft has struggled to make a substantial impact despite a steady series of feature updates, fresh marketing initiatives, and the inclusion of Edge in the company’s new Windows 11 operating system.

The software behemoth has also scored a lot of own goals that are unlikely to have won over any new customers to Microsoft Edge.

For instance, after consumers voiced their discontent. Microsoft was recently compelled to reverse a policy that unreasonably increased the amount of friction required to change the default browser in Windows 11.

Another strategy that received criticism from the community was Microsoft’s attempts to prevent URLs opened via its own services. (Such as Windows 11 widgets, the Start Menu, etc.) from launching in any other browser besides Edge.

The next update, however, suggests a shift in strategy. The business is now looking to capitalize on the popularity of services. Like Outlook and other components of the Microsoft 365 suite to encourage a transition to Edge. This is a more subtle strategy that is less likely to enrage the community.

Additionally, Microsoft has made enhancements with regard to efficiency and security, which business users in particular are sure to appreciate. For instance, the firm has improved the built-in password manager, launched an integrated VPN service, and introduced new techniques to speed up browsing.

Microsoft Edge will need to lay a claim to a certain niche or use case. If it is to fight head-to-head with the market giants. Maybe it has found one in the business market.

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