I find it difficult to accept that this is the Xbox Series S’ finest feature.

The Xbox Series S’s most insignificant feature has now become my obsession.

After purchasing the console at a discount. I did what many new Xbox owners do. I signed up for Xbox Game Pass and downloaded a colossal number of games. More than I could possibly play in a single sitting. There are many 360-era masterpieces, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Doom Eternal, Sniper Elite 5, even Fable. I downloaded them all and then merrily switched between them, not caring how many unfinished games I had piled up.Xbox Series S’ finest feature.

But that’s all I did—I sprinted in between them. Not swapped, switched, or patiently waited a long period to load each one. I was switching between them as quickly as Lee Van Cleef could fire a six-shooter thanks to the Quick Resume feature on the Xbox Series S.

Quick Resume has quickly emerged as the Xbox Series X|S’s standout quality-of-life component. Despite not being the console’s most attractive feature and even appearing in a scaled-down version on the Xbox One. You can use the option to automatically save up to three games in a suspended state. Allowing you to pick up where you left off when you resume playing them. You don’t have to wait through their loading screens or travel through their major menus when you restart a suspended game. You will be practically immediately back in the middle of the action.

Xbox Series S’ finest feature.

Although it seems relatively unimportant, it has fixed one of the dullest parts of console gaming. While loading screens occasionally provide gameplay hints or great concept art to admire, they aren’t nearly as depressing as they could be.

The initial loading screen in Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 was so lengthy during my nearly ten-year-long completionist playthrough. That I read nearly every Far Side comic anthology. I was still thinking about anthropomorphic cows and surrealism single-panel wordplay. The crew of the Normandy was concerned with the secret motives of the Illusive Man.

However, Quick Resume has transformed not only how I access my game library, but also how I play it. Knowing that I won’t have to wait nearly as long for the game to load. As I will have to spend navigating an assault course makes me more likely to get into a short round of Fall Guys to end a gaming session. Now, I scarcely have time to think about what new outfit I’ll have my bean wear before the game loads. Much alone read my WhatsApp messages.

The peak of quickfire video game loading is still a ways off for me. You can remap the share button on the Xbox controller to launch a number of games of your choosing. As one intrepid Xbox gamer found earlier this year. You may easily switch between your go-to games at the tip of your thumb by remapping it to launch the games you’ve suspended with Quick Resume. Gaming hardware has advanced significantly.

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