Apple has removed an important AirTag feature

It is now known that the crucial AirTag capability is absent from both iOS 15.6 and the iOS 16 beta. That Apple appears to have purposely removed. As of right now, the Find My app no longer allows you to monitor. The AirTags’ battery levels, and the capability appears to have vanished entirely. Both these versions of iOS had the function deleted from the Find My app, which suggests. That this may be it – Apple may well have pulled the plug and opted against putting it back. Apple has removed an important AirTag feature.


Let’s start by explaining what an Apple AirTag does if you’ve never possessed one. As we described in our initial AirTag Review, AirTags are tiny, spherical devices. That may be attached to a variety of items, such as a keychain or a bag. Once an AirTag has been attached to something and is properly configured. You may use the Apple Find My app to track the whereabouts of important items. If you misplace your wallet. You may utilise Precision Finding on an iPhone or the AirTag to have it emit a sound.

Despite the fact that they are not especially power-hungry. AirTags’ batteries have a limited amount of charge, so you will eventually need to replace them. Although the AirTag doesn’t have a user interface on its own, until today, using it with your. Apple devices has allowed you to see how much battery life it had left. Sadly, that no longer appears to be the case, as reported by MacRumors and Apple has removed an important AirTag feature.

Apple could have had good reasons for removing the function.


Apple’s AirTags previously included a little battery indication. It wasn’t actually on the gadget, but it could still be useful. Each AirTag included a little battery icon. That appeared in the Apple Find My app, just like it would on a smartphone or tablet. You still received a graphic of your battery capacity. That would turn red while it was better to upgrade it. But it didn’t provide consumers much information because it didn’t show any actual percentage data. At that time, Apple also reminded users through alerts.

The battery icon is completely absent as of the most recent release of iOS, iOS 15.6. Apple instead alerts you when the battery is nearing its end and has to be replaced. As previously said, it appears that this change was deliberate . Apple similarly got rid of the icon in the Find My interfaces in macOS Monterey 12.5 and watchOS 8.7.

To top it all off, it changed the text in an AirTag support page. That it only mentions a pop-up warning. That would display when your AirTag batteries are low and the possibility. A brief red battery indication appearing in the Find My app right before it runs out of power.


Although Apple hasn’t made an official statement on the subject. It’s probable that the company decided to do away with battery performance tracking on the AirTags. It was frequently wrong and some customers were receiving demands to change the battery after just one use. The new battery guessing game. That Apple appears to be moving toward may be something we’ll have to grow used to instead.

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