Apple might change the design of the entry-level iPad significantly.

Apple might change the design of the entry-level iPad significantly. Even though the release of Apple’s newest and best iPhones is still less than a month away. There are other fascinating new gadgets that we’ll probably see this fall. Of course, new iPad Pros and Macs will soon be available. But they may only be minor improvements over the models that came before them. However, one product might catch people’s attention and provide customers yet another choice to think about when purchasing an Apple tablet. The entry-level iPad has always appeared and felt abandoned, as though it had been forgotten about in some aspects. That may eventually change with the release of the 10th-generation iPad. Bringing it into line with the rest of the family and bringing an end to Apple’s transition away from outdated ports and connectors.

Of course, there have been considerable improvements made to the original iPad model throughout time. Despite being Apple’s most affordable tablet, the design just added support for the original Apple Pencil. Nevertheless, the iPad’s capabilities and design are both distinctly out-of-date. But depending on your viewpoint, things might finally be changing for the better. The model that is most likely to debut in the upcoming quarter is anticipated to alter the iPad market by giving Apple’s tablets a more cohesive appearance and feature set. Apple might change the design of the entry-level iPad significantly.

According to 9to5Mac, the next entry-level iPad will have the same flat edges as the current iPad range. Ironically, this is the first base iPad to feature flat corners since the initial model debuted more than ten years ago. Despite this, the iPad will apparently still retain the odd Touch ID sensor in addition to the traditional big bezels all around.

Apple change the design of iPad.

The headphone jack and the Apple Pencil are in danger.

Of course, the improvements go beyond the surface. The upcoming base iPad is anticipated to feature modifications that might increase its appeal to non-technical buyers. The predicted switch from the Lightning connector to USB-C. Which all previous iPad models have already got, is at the top of that list. This would disrupt compatibility with several accessories. Most notably the original Apple Pencil, as well as expand the use cases for the entry-level iPad. Such as connecting external displays.

With the Lightning port being removed from the next iPad, charging the original Apple Pencil would no longer be viable. It is likely that the iPad 10 will support the second-generation Apple Pencil, given its anticipated move to flat edges. That implies that the original Apple Pencil’s days are numbered. It wouldn’t be unexpected if Apple promptly stopped manufacturing it.

The one other legacy connector that has been there since the first iPad would also change with the modifications to the design and Lightning port: the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is rumored to be leaving the iPad this year. If that report turns out to be accurate, Apple will have completely abandoned connected headphones, at least in terms of a direct connection. As a result of these modifications, accessory producers—particularly case producers—will also need to adapt their product designs. For instance, the magnetic Smart Cover’s design is obsolete in today’s world with flat edges.

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