Review of the 2022 Polaris Slingshot R:

The Most Exciting Three-Wheeled Vehicle

Polaris’ three-wheeled roadster is called the Slingshot. The newest versions, which were updated for 2022, have a more aggressive-looking front fascia and larger headlights than previous iterations. Nobody can dispute its originality, even though it’s not quite a bike and it’s definitely not a car.2022 Polaris Slingshot R: You don’t have to start at the top of the price range to participate in the fun. Because prices range from $19,999 to $35,000.

The straight four, two-liter ProStar engine in a Slingshot R will generate 203 horsepower. 2022 Polaris Slingshot R: has a powerful engine for its size. With a power to weight ratio of about seven pounds per horsepower. It can reach 60 mph in 4.9 seconds, matching supercars from about 20 years ago in that regard. Look at it from above, go through a few “Dennis the Menace” recollections. Then ask yourself how you missed it if you’re wondering why it’s called a Slingshot.

A 9.77-gallon gasoline tank is also included with the R, but that engine can be thirsty. During my time with the Slingshot, I got about 25 miles per gallon on average. Although not exactly driving with fuel efficiency in mind. This is undoubtedly a car for pleasant weather. Although there are canopy alternatives, none were included with my test model. Even with some rain cover, if clouds appear, you’re certain to have a horrible time.

2022 Polaris Slingshot R:Slingshots are not something you can use to sneak around with.

Strong words like “obnoxious” are rarely employed in good contexts. However, it perfectly sums up practically everything about the Polaris Slingshot. If you drive this car, everybody will know about it thanks to its alluring aesthetics, roaring engine, and sound system.

Additionally, people will be curious to learn more. People will frequently stop and inquire about the vehicle you are driving and how it feels to operate it. Over the course of our two-week relationship with the Slingshot. I can’t even remember how many times I stated, “This thing runs 0-60 in under five seconds.” The automobile attracted more attention than the local weatherman during one of the trips when I invited him along. (For those who are curious, the ratio was roughly four people inquiring about the Slingshot and taking pictures to one person inquiring whether that is that morning weather guy.)

If you don’t want to draw attention, you shouldn’t purchase a Slingshot.

I would contend that this vehicle will attract more attention than a Porsche or a Ferrari.

if you want to stand out. These are far less typical and more uncommon.

2022 Polaris Slingshot R:Do not anticipate a refined driving experience.

Given the Slingshot’s low price and basic design. It might seem apparent, but aside from its lightning-quick acceleration, it doesn’t feel like a high-end performance vehicle. The accelerator pedal requires some getting accustomed to, and the steering isn’t very light or responsive. You won’t be able to move forward by releasing the brake at a crawl speed like in most automatics. Instead, you’ll need to lightly tap the accelerator. There is a lot of empty space after which you crawl forward. If your right foot wanders out another half inch, you will quickly reach the town speed limit.

People who dislike hill starts may also have problems with the accelerator’s operation. Fortunately, the parking brake operates as intended, and placing your left foot on the stop pedal is easy. The Slingshot is probably something you want to ease into gradually if you’ve only ever had access to a conventional automatic. A Slingshot representative said that their vehicles include a “hill hold” technology that activates on specific gradients and reduces the possibility of you rolling backward. But after rolling backward a few times. I decided against figuring out what would happen if I let up on the brake.

Though not all of it is horrible. The handling, mandatory helmet use, low profile, and roll cage around you all contribute to an experience that can only be compared to tearing down the road in a potent, road-legal go-kart. Driving the slingshot also makes your senses more acute. You’ll experience an abundance of sights, sounds, and fragrances that you’ll never experience in an enclosed car, or even a conventional convertible, due to the entirely open cabin.

2022 Polaris Slingshot R:At its best outside the city

It’s sad that cities like Las Vegas and New York are among the most typical locations where most individuals run into Slingshots. The three-wheeler makes you feel something like a big dog that is desperately trying to escape while you are tightly holding its leash when you drive anywhere with straight roads and frequent stoplights. You will have to pull your foot off the gas as soon as the light turns green because you have reached the city speed limit after just feeling a little amount of the Slingshot’s power. At 30-35 mph, the fun is just getting started. It will probably also halt in any area that is densely populated.

Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy the Slingshot to the fullest on a wide highway. All of the Slingshot’s shortcomings will vanish if you drive it down some open stretches of road where you can feel its quick acceleration and push the back wheel as far as you dare in the turns. You will only be left with an overwhelming sensation of joy. The slingshot is incredibly enjoyable. It is up to you to take it somewhere where you can genuinely enjoy it. During my two weeks with the Slingshot, I traveled nearly 350 miles on some of Upstate New York’s best roads. Sadly, getting it onto a track wasn’t involved, but I have a feeling that if you really let it loose, this thing would be amazing.

2022 Polaris Slingshot R:The mirrors are more trouble than they’re worth

Since most jurisdictions consider this to be a motorbike, Polaris is exempt from certain of the safety standards that must be met by cars. Contrarily, motorbikes typically lack roll cages, therefore there is unquestionably more than the basic minimum in terms of driver and passenger safety.

However, the Slingshot is unquestionably among the top 5 vehicles I would not want to be operating when a truck rear-ended me, followed by a bicycle and a Peel P50. So having precise mirrors that are easily changeable is essential. Sadly, the Slingshot is devoid of these.

You can get your driver’s side mirror somewhat near after about five minutes of work, and it should function somewhat as both a rearview and that side’s mirror. After a half-hour of work, which included some time spent reading posts on a forum populated by owners of the Slingshot, I came to the conclusion that it is actually impossible to do the same for the passenger side mirror.

There are some safety features

The Slingshot has some safety features despite the mirror headache. This is a vehicle that falls in between a car and a motorcycle, so don’t anticipate airbags. It has a simple steering wheel and no sides. However, you do have traction control and antilock brakes. Both of which kept me on the road and away from all of the ditches I was passing by. The car also features seatbelts. A notice asking you to wear a helmet (which is required by law in the majority of states). A surprisingly effective 4″ high windscreen that kept the bugs off my visor when I was driving down New York’s Taconic Parkway.

Additionally, there is a roll cage, which greatly increases the stability of the vehicle, and two strengthened structural bars. Which are intended to prevent your head from striking the ground in the event that the three-wheeler rolls. I was pleased that they were included even though I wouldn’t volunteer to test these bars.

Additionally, you may have noticed a setting called “Comfort mode,” which is an alternative to the standard “Slingshot mode.” You’re going to hit every pothole you come through because of the three-wheeled design, thus it would be excellent to have something to soften the bumps. Regrettably, Comfort mode just modifies the automatic gearbox’s choice of how to shift. Although switching to Comfort mode would cause your Slingshot to gear up faster and accelerate slightly more smoothly, in my honest opinion, it provides absolutely no comfort and can even be a complete waste of time.

The sound system is absolutely astounding

It may sound strange, but the Polaris Slingshot’s sound system was what most struck me. It’s powerful enough to deliver crystal clear audio even when you’re wearing a helmet and driving at highway speeds through congested traffic, according to Rockford Fosgate. Even dialing 11 will work. Apple CarPlay is supported, while Android users are limited to Bluetooth because Android Auto is not supported. This is fantastic for music, but because of the open cabin and the helmet you should probably be wearing, you should probably avoid accepting personal phone calls in a Slingshot from people like your doctor.

Additionally, the Slingshot has built-in navigation, which although functional, is unquestionably inferior to Apple’s or Google’s offerings. The absence of a speed limit reminder in the lower corner is a major oversight while driving in poorly marked areas in a vehicle that you wish to let loose as much as possible. The voice assistant on the satellite navigation system is extremely annoying to the point where it has to be muted constantly. It’s best practice to inform a driver that they must make a right turn in two miles and to remind them again when they are a few hundred yards away. It is less welcome to stop Fleetwood Mac every mile and remind them to stay on the thruway.

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